Sunday, September 27, 2009


South Caicos is a wonderful place, but fresh water is a little short here, due to the lack of streams, lakes, ponds, etc. You get it via rain catchements.

The average islander uses maybe 1/10 of the water used by an american citizen. Maybe even less than that. We've been keeping our usage low as well.

We do that by limiting the use of fresh water severely. Dishes are washed in salt water, until the final rinsing. Limited flushing.
Fresh water showers once a week, with low-volume showerheads.
And no fresh water for clothes

We get around this by using the ocean. If you go swimming and snorkeling several times a day, you can stay pretty clean with a decent bio-safe soap. But washing clothes in the ocean is a little less fun. Specifically, drying them afterwards.

Salt. As they dry, they become coated in the stuff. Up until the late 60s, the island used to export salt. I'd give the stuff I've collected away for free right now.

In a fantastic twist of irony, I'm hoping it rains while my clothes are on the line.

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