Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Midterms start tomorrow, so of course I'm posting here.

I just read a brief dialogue/email exchange posted on Conservapedia.

Conservapedia is a charming website devoted to the idea that Wikipedia as a information aggregator/web encyclopedia is a great idea, but with a problem. See, according to Esq. Schafly, who apparently runs Conservapedia, Wikipedia has a serious liberal bias.

To that end, there is Conservapedia, where 'the truth' can be found on such diverse topics as evolution (see: atheism), gays (see: atheism), liberals (see:atheism) and atheism (see: devilworship)

This might not be entirely fair, but it is true that Schafly has not been accurate in his portrayal of any of these subjects, or most any found on his site. One marvelous shutdown of Schafly and his cornies can be found here (, in which he attempts to engage a prominent evil-ushionist on his research.

The research in question was enducing and observing a specific evolutionary change in e. coli, and Lenski's responses to Schafly were worth reading.