Monday, September 21, 2009

I really like studying here. Currently, we're learning to identify 70 different marine icthyids (sharks, fish, and rays).

Of course, being in South Caicos, means that our classroom is a short boat ride today.

The reef we're having 'class' at today is known as Shark Alley. It lies between two cays (small islands) between which the larger ships pass to drop off staples and pick up processed lobster and conch.

Apparently, sharks like it there. We'll probably see some nurse and reef sharks there (I hope!), and maybe a few rays- both eagle rays I've seen here were moving too fast to get a good look at, and the stingrays mostly sit under the sand waiting for prey. Maybe even a tiger or bull shark, but I'm not as eager about those, since they can be aggressive.

We saw some sharks!

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